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Travelers able to book all Travel services like Accommodation, Tour & Holiday Packages, Homes & Rental, Flights, Transfer and local Activity from Same portal.
Difference in Prices of services will make a difference.

Current Status

Online Travel agency portal Beta launched.
Customers able to search Tours Packages and book immediately thorough our payment gateways.
Currently registered partners as service providers are 314, those list is increasing day by day.


According to the latest information from, the United Nations World Tourism
Organization (UNWTO) 2018 Tourism Highlights Report : there were 1.32 billion (1322
M) global tourist arrivals, a staggering 84 million travelers more than the 2017 near
about 7% hike in tourists.
And expected to Increase 6 to 8 % every year, while Traveler traveling in local country is
not included.
Market is very broad and Global Online Travel service providers are low count which
make space for us.

Problem or Opportunity

1. For Travelers fr om Globe :- If they wish to go on tour so they have to book
Accomodation, Transfer fr om airport, Meals, Transport during tour sightseeing and language issue. And they have to plan about tour, wh ere to start from. They are unknown to new place, wh ere they have to travel and if you combine booking cost of above services then you see it’s too much high. Mostly travelers cancel the tour program due to high cost and willingness to go on dream place which is unknown to them.

2. For Travel agents, DMC, Tour operator from Globe :- Currently in many countries
including Nepal, India, Bhutan, Sri lanka etc, travel agents sell and take booking
there tour packages manually on call or email and they distribute their tour
packages rate as BtoB model. So sometimes they lose customers due to approach,
response and sometimes due to lake of less network.
And also customer/travelers unable to reach the right & reputed travel
agents/operator for budget tours. Most of the time wasted in quotation, cost and
safety major analysis.

Solution (product or service)

Solution 1: Our registered Travel agents, DMC &
Tour operators listed many variation of
customized tour & Holiday packages
including accommodation, Transfer,
Meals, Transport during sightseeing & a
Tour Guide etc. Ex: our Bhutan travel
partners offering extra to above
including VISA because Govt. not
allowed VISA booking from outside.
- Managed Tour packages is under budget
and low cost than travelers will book
each services separately.
- Due to involvement of authorized local
Travel agents, Tours program will be
safe. And travelers can contact them if
any problem faced.
Solution2: We are equipped and here as a
online travel marketplace for Tours
& travel, Travel Agents/Operators,
DMC by which they can list all
variation of Tours & Holiday
packages on our platform and take
bookings right way.
- Travelers need to explore and
search Tours as per travel
days/dates and their budget. And if
matched as per choice they can be
able to book in minutes.
- We have develop time saving
approach for both by which
connecting is much easier.


1. : They provide services in Travel industry as a giant in Hotels and Flight booking.
2. : They provide services in Travel industry as a giant in Hotels booking.
3. : They provide services in Travel industry as a giant in Homes/rentals stay booking.
4. from India : They provide services in Travel industry, in Hotels and Flight booking.

Advantages or differentiators

We have some competitive advantage over them : We have added Global
Customized Tour services as well as able to take bookings for All type of Stay
including Homes, Flight, Activity and Transfer from Same platform.


Our Services are cost optimized for our customers as Travelers they can compare it from other website for same service.

Business model

1. Our primary customers are general Public who travel as Solo Traveler or in Group. We target them with our online booking services for “Stay, Flights, Tour Packages, Transfer and Local activities”. So commission from all booking transactions executed on the platform is our primary revenue stream

Money will be spent on

● Founder & New hire salaries : 26 %
● Sales & Marketing : 32 %
● Technology / Service development / Integration / Customization : 20 %
● Capital expenses : 8 %
● Reserve Cash flow for Emergency : 14%

Offer for investor

10% to 35% share of the company we are ready to offer which depends upon invested amount vs our requirement.

Team or Management


1. If due to lack of awareness about our portal and services , travelers not getting our services.
2. Our Prices sometimes looks high then other then.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Not completed.


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Photo 2 - All Travel & Hospitality related Services on Same portal
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