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360 Degree trip & event Planner

India, Maharashtra
Market: Internet and IT, Tourism, sport, Services, Artificial Intelligence
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 24.01.2021
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Offer The Most Appropriate Tool to Enable Traveler to Plan the Tour to any Country / Location from Any Country / Location

Current Status

The Portal is completed a Trial Business, Ready to Go for Business and we can start the Basic Operations/ User Acquisition Immediately.

Technology : Beta Public Version , Ready to Go for First Stage of Business, We Shall further Enhance the Technology to Upgrade the Platform to Offer more Unique Features and User Experience Simultaneously. The Concept is driven by AI and Machine Learning Technology.

Organizational form

The Business is Registered as TWT Inc, at delaware US in 2018, ( Pending renewal ) no transaction was carried out

Problem or Opportunity

The Vacation and Holiday Plans, or Even a Business Tour is a Matter of Personal Experience and the traveler usually like to explore the most to make their experience great.
There is No Global Comprehensive Platform for a Traveler to Organize the trip, Plan and Create Itinerary and offer a User Facilitation,

Opportunity for the Business Model Developed exist in Domestic and Global and all Aspect of Travel

Solution (product or service)

Offer The Most Appropriate Tool to Enable Traveler to Plan the Tour to any Country / Location from Any Country / Location, offer the traveler to select and plan the itinerary and get the right vendor / Customized Packages to cater to the needs of the travel plan of the user. Extension of the Platform Include Plan a Event / Party / Conference in any City ( Location ) / Country.
A 360 Degree Tour and Event Planning Platform.


Few Top Global Players
Expedia ,, Tripadvisor,

( Not our Direct Competitors – Could be our Prospective Customers )

Founder first Conceptualized, developed TRAVELWITHTAANGOO.COM in 2010, since continuously Researching on Experiences of traveler, in recent Past some Trip Planner in different names have been started when analyzed could find few such websites identified most like a few page website , do not have any valid ( original ) concept or complete system in place,, TWT is a Complete system from Itinerary Plan to connecting to Vendors, Review and Rewards in place. Project is in Right stage to take to Next Level, Founder has ideas to further develop to deliver Ultimate user experience.

Advantages or differentiators

Competitive edge and how will we sustain.
We shall Keep our Operational Cost Low, The Business Model aims to Transact through Vendors and already have the system in place such that the Vendor can be Best Matched based on traveler Home Location and Destination.


Revenue from Vendors – Travel and Tour Operator / Hotels:
The 3 Different Plan : With a One time Charge Level One 200 USD trial | Level Two 500 USD | Level Three 1200 USD .( The Plan Pricing is Subject to Changes as Per Market Condition from time to time )

The Lower plan have option to Upgrade Recurring Income : The Vendor have to Buy credit as in various available denomination to Buy the Inquiry and Create Promotion Campaign.

The Cost
The Project is Expected to Spend Upto 25 to 300 % on Customer Acquisition During First year, projected to make a Gross Margin of 30 % in a 3 year Period.
We shall be keeping our vendor acquisition cost low, by outsourcing the task to a external agency

Business model

Business Model ( B2B2C - Revenue generated from Vendors – Such as Tour & Travel Operators )

To The Traveler / Customer
Plan a Trip 360 Degree from Any Country to any Location.
Plan a Event – Conference/ Party / Exhibition 360 Degree from Any Country to any City/ Location
Review and Reward Program

To The Vendors ( Travel & Tour Operators, Hotels, OTA’s, Financial Institution, Insurance Companies )
Offer Business Inquiry – Connect with the Customers Country / City wise
Offer Reverse Promotion – Connect with the Customers Country / City wise
Offer Integration with the Platform and Technology solution to transact with the traveler. Customers.

Reason for sale

Partial or Full Sale the Founder has 2 options and wish to sell as engaged in other Business.
The Acquisition Terms :
Minimum Sale Price : 100000 USD will be Taken in cash by the founder for giving away additional stake + Additional Investment into the Business 150000 USD for 55 % Equity Stake by the Buyer Investor. ( Investor Active Participation in the Business- A Team Will be Preferred )
Other Equity Stake :
Founder : 30 % Against Participation – The Founder will taking part In technology development and over all guidance In Business active participation 20 Hours a Month
ESOP : 15 %
Further Capital : Further VC Fund can be accepted at Later Stage when needed and in such case the dilution of capital will be in the Ratio of Equity.

The Founder is as well ready to sell the portal as is basis for 100000 USD with no further engagement post sale


While we target every Traveler on one side, other will be vendor side where we establish association with Every Travel And Tour Operator, OTA, and other related travel Service providers.

GLOBAL OUTBOUND TRAVEL MARKET TOPS $2 TRILLION IN 2016. During the first eight months of 2017,  outbound trips increased by 3.9%.
Source :

Team or Management


Our is a Facilitation Platform hence have Minimal Risk
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