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Mobile App for rural India to Book Appointment with doctors.

India, Delhi
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Date of last change: 29.08.2021
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BigOHealth enables rural population to tele-consult with qualified doctors and receive the right and affordable treatment. Further, it facilitates secondary and tertiary care in hospitals also.

Current Status

We have curated and onboarded 350 doctors on the platform and faciliated quality and affordable treatment of more than 30000 patients with estimated GMV of USD 204K

Problem or Opportunity

1. In rural areas, there is no access to quality healthcare and qualified doctors. This increases people’s dependency on quacks. While quacks manage minor health issues but more often they create long-term health complications and sometimes lead to death.
2. Number of specialist doctors in nearby tier-¾ towns is also very limited. Whenever anyone needs access to these doctors, breadwinner of family has to first visit the doctor’s clinic early morning and wait outside the clinic for 4-5 hours to get appointment with no surety of getting it. In this process, he loses his day wages and time.

Solution (product or service)

BigOHealth is a “digital healthcare access facilitation” platform and is building a complete healthcare ecosystem for rural population, right from primary care in village to tertiary care in metros.
We enable villagers to tele consult with a specialist doctor 24x7, book end-to-end diagnostics tests and order medicine at the right price from the comfort of their village.
After that if the need arises, we also help patients to find and book hassle-free online appointments with right doctor in nearby tier-¾ towns and reduce physical & mental stress of families along with saving time & wa


Our innovation is people centric, with a dedicated community involved approach. The revenue will be generated in the share of 80% from healthcare practitioners fees for availing BigOHealth platform, 15% from teleconferencing charges from the users and 5% from advertisement on our platform. This will be for the first 4 years, and the share of revenue from different user groups will change after that.

Practo, Justdial and Medcords are the major competitors of BigOHealth.
Among them Practo is majorly focused in tier 1 cities. Practo lists both audited as well unaudited doctors, and doesn’t emphasise on providing their platform to only authentic practitioners. According to a Health Workforce analysis published in a Report of WHO (Geneva 2016) and based on decoding the census data, as many as 57.3% of doctors in rural India did not have a medical qualification.
BigOHealth is the only online platform that has a team of qualified healthcare professionals to audit the doctors in rural areas before enlisting them on the platform.
Practo does not sync the online and walk-in appointments in real time. Due to this, after scheduling an online appointment with them, Patients still have to wait in queue at the doctor clinic, as there are already walk-in appointments at the same time.
BigOHealth eliminates this problem with an IoT (Internet of Things) based device that sync the online and walk-in appointments in real time to give the exact number of crowd (both online and walk-in) at the clinic while booking online appointments.

Medcords is a startup working for rural areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, two different states of India, providing video consultation with doctors from the cities. They tie up with local pharmacies and make those pharmacies a teleconferencing point, people can come to these teleconferencing centers and have video chat with doctors.

The pharmacists have already tie-up with some hospitals in the cities, and the doctors almost force the patients to procure medicine from such establishments, accruing higher healthcare costs, and needless medicine consumption.
Another disadvantage of Medcords is that there are no services concerning emergency healthcare, since these teleconferencing centers are only open upto 8 pm.

BigOHealth has an independent chat platform, which can be downloaded by anybody and a person can consult with doctors 24 hours a day. BigOHealth is also planning to partner with ASHA workers (a community health worker instituted by the government of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) to give late hours consultation with qualified doctors from cities to focus on reducing the Maternal Mortality Rate in rural India. Every village in a rural area has at least one ASHA worker, mandated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt Of India.

Such practices have never been introduced amongst the people and therefore acceptance and integration of this service is not going to be easy, to mitigate this, BigOHealth strives to inculcate the behavior change model and awareness initiative through 228 healthcamps and awareness programs in next 3 years in villages and schools to inculcate adoptions and integration of the online platform usage.
BigOHealth has a viable opportunity to integrate the services in targeted catchment areas, and development of revenue growth streams on volume model, through user charges from the medical practitioners.

Advantages or differentiators

Primary differentials of BigOHealth from competitors are 24 hours a day teleconferencing, audited health practitioners, and empanelment of authorized medicine shops and syncing device.

Business model

Direct Income:
1. Healthcare Service Provider Onboarding Fee
1. Prime Membership card(For Patients)
2. Family Card(For low income families)
3. Ads
Shared Income:
1. Tele-consultation fee
2. Appointment facilitation fee
3. Diagnostistic fee
4. Ambulance
Valued Added Income
1. Health camps
2. Health worker training

Money will be spent on

1. Technology
2. Team Building
3. Media and Marketing

Team or Management


The main risk and challenges that we face are:
1. Behavioral change of patients: The biggest challenge that we face in our project is making the behavioral change of our customers. The targeted population is aligned with the conventional system of locating a suitable doctor, and “pursuing” them for the treatment.
2. Lack of infrastructure: Bihar and nearby states lack severely in terms of proper infrastructural support for people to seek treatment, and procure prescribed tests, and medication.
3. Social positioning of doctors: Since long, the doctors have been positioned as lifesavers, and this is true in some cases, however, in a large number of cases, people end up getting treatment by unqualified, overcharging doctors, and due to social obligation people aren’t able to question the delay in their treatment or the extra money that they have to shell out for even basic treatment.
Measures to mitigate these risks are:
The program will initiate hand-holding in terms of bringing the benefits of this initiative to the doorsteps of the population. Organize health and awareness camps to present the humane face of the doctors among the population, and gradually eradicate the feeling of immense gratitude in people for healthcare service providers, so they’re able to demand right healthcare, and suitable medicine.
In the past few years, internet penetration has increased in rural areas, and people, especially in the age group of 9-30 years are well accustomed to the usage of the internet and other online services. This helps the initiative indirect integration of users and service providers on our platform.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Incubated at Nexus Startup Hub, U.S Embassy, India
Incubation Center IIT Patna
FIED IIM Kashipur
TiE Banglore Healthcare startup cohort
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